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"Arctic Run"
Music Selection:

"Ride of the Valkyrie"

Richard Wagner
(1813 - 1883)

"Ride of the Valkyrie" was just part of a collection known as "Der Ring des Nibelungen" that took 22 years to complete.


"Ok.. I need the best soldier that this company has to offer...
but under the present circumstances, you'll have to do.
As we speak, three of our supply ships are being readied for a
transport run. There are reports of hostiles in the area, so
we can't let 'em go it alone."
"That my friend is where you come in. You are their escort.
Between you and me, we estimate that losing one ship will be
an 'acceptable loss', but we can't afford to lose more than one
or we're done for!"
"You'll have more to concentrate on than in your previous mission,
since you will be flying an XJ01 Single-Manned Tank. I assume
you can do two things at once, so controlling the turret and
piloting the ship shouldn't be a problem."
"Upon reaching its appropriate checkpoint, a supply ship will
take on minor repairs. There won't be enough time to completely
repair a ship, but every bit helps."
"Your display will allow you to locate a ship that is out of your
viewing range and also see its current condition. The colored
bars you see next to each ship indicate its current power level.
As ships take on damage from enemy airships these bars will go
down. As they go down, they will also change color. Green indicates
ample power."
"Generally speaking, the airships will only attack supply ships.
You need to watch out for the SP-Bots. They are only interested
in destroying your tank.
Oh.. and they move a bit quicker than their comrades."

--- End Transmission
Gameplay Hints:

Supply ships will slowly drift apart as they
follow their routes. Try to protect the middle
ship at all costs. Otherwise you will be
forced to cover a much greater area.

Your guns are higher than your supply ships.
You can't shoot your own ships.

Pay close attention to the direction your tank
is facing. It can travel much faster going forward
than it can in reverse.

Keep in mind that Airships (Balloons) almost
go after supply ships, however
the SP-Bots (Spiders) ALWAYS go after your tank.

Watch for flashing power meters.
If a supply ship is out of view and under attack,
its power meter will begin to flash.

Pay close attention to the sounds of explosions.
An enemy blowing up sounds different from a
supply ship under attack.

A supply ship will stop if you get in its way or
if it is under attack. Keep those ships moving.
Reaching a checkpoint can add some much
needed repairs.

If you crash into one of the supply ships,
turn around while moving forward.

Additional Controls/Options

Press 'R' at anytime to reset the game.

Press 'S' to disable the falling snow.
This may increase performance on
slower machines.

While Javelin II was designed to be
most effective using a mouse AND keyboard,
the Spacebar may also be used to shoot.

Press the 'L' key to Lock the gun turret in place.
This is handy for players who were more
comfortable with the Javelin I controls or
players who prefer not to use the mouse.

Be careful not to click your mouse outside
of the playing area. Doing so transfers control
away from the game.