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Welcome new worker!
Your job is an easy one.
Simply fill all of the Burger orders.
You have been provided with a menu to assist you with the assembly process.
Each order has a ticket number indicating the type of burger to build. Orders come in Small, Medium and Large. These sizes indicate both the size of the side order (Onion Rings or French Fries) as well as the size of the drinking cup to be included.
Good Luck Builder !!
When the game begins, trays will start moving from right to left.
Attached to each tray is an order ticket showing a number that
corresponds with the burgers located on the menu at the top
of this screen: #1 #2 #3 #4 and #5.

You must build the appropriate burger on each tray.
Burgers may be assembled in ANY order, however, they
must all begin with a bottom bun and end with a top bun.

In addition to building the burgers, you must also include
a drink and side order. These are indicated by the words: Small,
Medium or Large.
You must include both the appropriate sized side order (Onion Rings or
French Fries) and a Cup of the same size.

For example, if a ticket says #2 Small Fries, you would build the
burger as shown in the menu above with a # 2 over it,
and include a Small Cup AND a Small order of Fries.

To add items to a tray, simply click on the item on the kitchen counter,
and then click on your tray. When working on a side order, click
on the appropriate sized container at the top left side of the screen,
then click on either the Onion Rings or the French Fries, and finally
click on your tray.

If you should make a mistake with your burger, press the red
Stop symbol in the upper left-hand corner and then click on the tray.
This will remove sections of your sandwich one by one.

Good Luck!!