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Ivanova noch na
Lysoy Gore

"Night on Bald Mountain"

Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich
(1839 - 1881)

"Ok Soldier.. we knew we didn't have much time when we started
this mining operation, but none of us expected them to advance
on us so quickly and with such great force."
"You must protect the base at all costs. Use your lasers
sparingly, keep an eye on your Energy Meters, and don't get too
close! One wrong move and they'll self destruct before you can
get a shot off. You are the only thing standing
between us and certain annihilation."
"Gather up as many energy crystals as you can. You'll need them to
replenish your ship's power. If your ship should run out of power, it
will begin to draw energy from the base. Believe me, this is not a good
thing since we'll need all the energy we can get our hands on to maintain
what little shields we have left. Likewise, the base will draw power from
your ship if need be."
"If the base should run low on power, use the Transfuser ("C" on your
control pad) to transfer power from your ship back to the base."
"If both your ship and the base run out of power... well... no need to
explain the obvious."
"Your radar won't help you locate our little 'friends', but it will help you
get back to the base should you lose sight of it in the forest."
"Good luck soldier. Oh.. and don't blow it!"

--- End Transmission
Gameplay Hints:

Don't pick up an Energy Crystal unless you need to.
Sometimes it's better to locate a Crystal and go back
for it later.

Lasers will continue on their course,
even after hitting a target.
Try to line up two or more targets before firing.

Avoid blindly flying around at high speeds.
Getting too close to the enemy will cause
them to explode, which can result in significant
damage to your craft.

Don't wait for your Base to begin drawing power
from your ship. Press the "C" key to transfer power
back to the Base. Transferring power will allow you
to gather more Energy Crystals.