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Ok, we're putting it all on the line here.
For you it means freedom. For me.. well.. let's just say I have a small wager riding on your success.
The key here is simple, stay alive.
Use your lasers to take out your opponents.
Or, if you're feeling up to the challenge, you may opt to side-swipe them.
All competing craft are highly vulnerable in the front. Therefore, when two ships collide, whichever ship is further ahead often causes the most damage.
Use the back of your ship as a weapon, but protect the front at all costs.
There are speed boosts located throughout the circuit.
I've been informed that the track is undergoing some repairs. Watch out for any construction work. It will be marked with yellow and black caution lines.
Remember these ships hover mere inches above the ground.
Oh, and stay off the outer rails. They've taken every precaution to make sure that nobody attempts any side trips.
There are various checkpoints throughout the course. Reaching these will replenish your ship's power, but only slightly.
After each checkpoint you are given the ability to call upon a Power Droid.
Power Droids ride the side rails. When summoning a Power Droid (pressing 'Z') be sure to check your speed. Your ship can travel much faster than a Power Droid. You may need to slow down a bit. Power Droids will maintain their speed for only a few seconds, so be sure to get on their platform quickly in order to receive a recharge.

Well, the match is about to begin.
Good Luck!