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Online canteen

Large company or small - save money and space by getting personalized meals delivered to the workplace daily
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Office catering

Reliable yet versatile - get catering for events and team lunches with constantly changing food providers
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Team Mittagessen App

Smunch dashboard - click and order

Every day, we give you completely different choices on the dashboard. Place a group order for your whole team or have each employee get access to their own dashboard and app. Either way, a few clicks are all that's between you and delicious work lunches!

Customize the dashboard to find vegan, vegetarians or omnivore options and pick your favorite between our many delicious cuisines. Every day, you'll find options from different providers and we constantly add completely new dishes. Since we list all ingredients and allergens, you'll always know exactly what you'll be ordering. And don't forget to select from our huge range of snack, desserts or drink for later.

Büro Mittagessen

The smart alternative to traditional canteens

A canteen not only requires large space but also has to fulfill HAACP, safety and hygiene standards. With Smunch, you just need enough space on the table for an individual box and room in your stomach for delicious food - we take care of food safety for you.

You also save the costs for building and maintaining a canteen and for hiring kitchen staff. In the online canteen, you won't have a sign-up fee and only pay what you actually order per day! That's it. Not only does our personal packaging reduce food waste or shortage, but we also offer a much larger range of constantly updated food options from cuisines from all over the world! Feed your entire facility, or just have a smaller team lunch - because unlike traditional canteens, Smunch is flexible!


Save money through food subsidies

Food subsidies or "Essenzuschüsse" are a low cost alternative to raises. These benefits in kind can save you a huge amount of tax and social security costs every year. Smunch functions like a meal voucher - the more you order daily, the more money you save.

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Solutions for everyone

Stay flexible

Both our contracts and order amounts will be tailored to you

Avoid extra costs

We spare you any sign-up fee and extra delivery feeds

Offer the best employee benefit

Lure employees into the office by giving them a tasty incentive everyone can use

Power up your brain cells

Food will be the fuel that makes your team work more efficiently
chef am mittagstisch

Strengthen the team spirit

Simultaneous delivery will make your team grow closer over shared breaks

You decide who orders

Either place a group order or let everyone be the decision-maker of taste

Increase employee satisfaction

A stomach filled with good food will keep everyone happy

We cater to your needs

No events should feature growling stomaches - or the same boring meals
table lunch at office

constantly save time

We make your onboarding and daily ordering a breeze

Fuel your company culture

Shared lunches are key to create a happy, healthy work atmosphere

Attract new talent

Everyone eats - so everyone will happily read this employee perk on your job ad

Satisfy your picky eaters

Whatever diet or allergies your team has, customization will meet all needs and preferences
Eating Team Smunch

Feed your crowds

We deliver lunch to as many people and locations as you require

Avoid safety risks

Our food is prepared abiding HAACP guidelines and is delivered contact-free

Help the environment

We compensate for the CO² of the deliveries and use eco-friendly packaging

Get reliable support

Whatever your question or pain-point, reach out to our dedicated customer care service
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What we deliver on

Daily changing menu
Contactless bulk delivery
Flexible contract and fair price

Our Locations

We feed employees in over 200 offices in these cities: