10 Ways To Enjoy Summer When You Actually Have To Be At Work (Sigh)

It is the season … to have barbecues, explore nearby lakes and drink beers by the river as the sun sets. Best time of the year, right? We love summer, and we are sure so do you.

Except that we still have to be at work and will miss out on 5 out of 7 sunny days a week. And even though we love our job, it’s always a bit of a pity to look out of the window and see the sun shining brightly.

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To make it even harder, our current Smunch HQ is located right in the city center of Berlin, nearby beautiful Gendarmenmarkt - which means that every time we step outside, we are very tempted to just join the tourists on their leisurely strolls around the square or go to a lovely rooftop bar and drink wine spritzers.

We bet you’ve been there.

So what now? Well, here at Smunch, we decided to bring the summer vibes to our office. No, we did not cover the floor in sand and replace office chairs with hammocks. But we tweaked the overall atmosphere a little - and so can you!


   1. Furnish your workplace with lots of plants

Put a plant on every desk and cover your window sills. Or get indoor palms to put in corners if you have the space. It doesn’t cost much, adds some jungle vibes to the place, and you can just take turns with the watering. (OK, we’ll admit, we struggle with that one sometimes, but so far we always saved every plant in time!)

desk with plants

   2. Adjust your playlist

If you are allowed to have music playing as you work, why not ask everyone on your team to contribute to a shared playlist? Our team likes to go to festivals, and every time someone returns from one, they have a few cool new sets to add to ours. And suddenly, being productive is so easy!



   3. Go outside whenever you can

We’ll use any excuse to step outside the office and catch a few rays of sunshine! We might do a brainstorming session on the terrace of a nearby café, eat our lunch at Gendarmenmarkt or head to the park for a little lunchtime yoga. And suddenly, the break feels like a mini holiday!



   4. I scream, you scream - we all scream for ice cream!

Our team takes turns bringing bags of ice cubes to the office. That way we can make iced tea and iced coffee or just cool down our water even more. Hearing those ice cubes rattle in the glass just has that nice summer feeling… Also, on occasion, we have ice cream (like, when we’ve been particularly good, or we feel particularly naughty, or… okay, actually we don’t need a reason!).



   5. Commute to work in summer style

Summer is when trains and busses get unbearably stuffy, hot and sweaty. Yuck! Instead, plan a few extra minutes and just cycle (part of) it. Or walk for a bit. Get a pedal-scooter. A kayak. Whatever!

Put on those sunglasses and a nice hat, get an iced latte along the way and it will barely feel like a commute anymore.



   6. Sweet-talk your boss into giving you flexible hours

Come early and leave early: If your company allows you to work flexible hours, head in early so you can have the most of the evening sunshine. Or, alternatively, come in late after a leisurely breakfast at a café with outdoor seating. (Just resist those mimosas.)

Even better: Work from home - or rather, your balcony - if that is an option.


work outdoors 

   7. We like to move, move it

That heat trying to make you feel sleepy and lazy? Not with us - no, Sir. We like to move a little whenever we can, with lunchtime yoga, pre-work runs and after-work splashing sessions at a local pool.

If you can, kick a football around the yard for a few minutes to unwind, or just walk to a nearby supermarket to get some air and fresh fruit. Really, it’s super easy to fit it in your day, and helps with that tan!



   8. Choose your team event locations wisely

No matter how much fun you guys usually have at the bowling alley, ‘tis the season to go outside. So plan a picnic, go to the beer garden, play mini golf outside… we have tons of ideas for you!



   9. Have your secret little summer pleasures

OK, so this one may sound ridiculous at first, but it has been tried and tested. Just, you know, have your secret little pleasures in summer. So your company has a dress code? Well, you can still wear flip flops underneath your desk, right? Or wear a bikini instead of underwear and use sunscreen instead of body lotion - for that beach smell and glow. These small things can make such a difference!



    10. Upgrade your drinks

A slice of lemon and a sprig of mint in your water will make it feel so much more sophisticated - and summery! Bring colorful straws to add some extra fun. Or, if you’re allowed, drink alcohol-free beer … it’s almost the same as the real thing, and it has that nice beer garden feeling.



Still not feeling summery enough? Hm, you’re a tough case then. May we suggest covering your chair with a beach towel, placing an umbrella next to your desk and listening to a CD with the sound of waves crashing?

To everyone else: there you go. That’s your office summer sorted!

We are now off to continue being productive while listening to the sounds of iced tea being stirred (OK, we stole that line).

Happy summer, guys!

The Smunch Team


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