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Make lunch breaks relaxed, delicious and super-easy by choosing an online canteen

Give your team a proper break

Lunch breaks should be an opportunity for employees to spend time with their colleagues and refuel. Companies want to give their teams the chance to relax, bond and enjoy good quality, healthy food at affordable prices.


Choose the smart solution

Canteens are the traditional way of doing this but are a very expensive solution for big companies and often unaffordable for smaller ones.


Eat better and save more

This is where Smunch comes in! We deliver food from the best restaurants in the city to your office. With a nominal monthly fee, Smunch is an affordable solution for big and small companies alike. Because instead of a makeshift solution, a quick, easy and affordable meal can actually be something amazing!

Ready for more?

If you're ready to disrupt your company's lunch break routine and offer a new, delicious and modern solution, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we'll come by and discuss the options over delicious food!

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Healthy lunch

Enjoy the amazing variety and quality

If the idea of another Schnitzel or Goulash makes you shudder, Smunch has you covered. By partnering up with dozens of the best restaurants in town, we can offer you a huge variety of different cuisines as well as an amazing food quality, as each of our partner chefs takes great pride in his food.


Use your valuable space for something more profitable

In most major cities real-estate prices are soaring to the sky. Having an in-house cafeteria can easily use up an entire floor of your office building. With Smunch, you can save yourself these immense expenses as no on-site kitchen is needed. Instead, use the space for extra offices!

Reduce your food waste

Does your heart ache every time you seen those bins full of food? Unfortunately, this is a regular occurance in canteens when, for some reason, employees just didn’t fancy today’s special. We can help you make this a thing of the past, as with Smunch, everyone pre-orders individually - just when they feel like it and only what they like.


Have it, like, NOW

Between the day you decide to implement a canteen and the day you can actually open it, months may pass. It’s a different story with Smunch though: Just give us a call and we will meet you, introduce the concept and draw up your plan within a few days. So you can enjoy amazing boxed lunches quicker than you can say “Smunch rocks”.

Healthy lunch

Save on running costs

Kitchen equipment, electricity, staff… there is a lot of cost factors in a cafeteria that add up to massive monthly running costs. With a smart lunch box solution like Smunch, you save on all these cost as we partner directly with the restaurant.


No long-term contract

Most canteen providers have a contract term of multiple years, tying you down for a long period. So what if you’re unhappy? Smunch is super flexible, as you can discontinue your cooperation with us at any time (even though none of our clients ever has!).

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