Increase Efficiency and Satisfy Hunger: A Win-Win for Employers and Teams at solarisBank


As is the case with every company in the financial sector, there are also a lot of precise planning and smart calculations at solarisBank. Efficiency is therefore written with a big E. The company’s Berlin hub is located right at the city’s heart with a view over the famous Museum Island. There may be a lot going on, but this is not necessarily always a good thing.

Smunch helps to make the most out of lunch breaks

The Berlin district of Mitte is particularly popular with tourists. This comes as no surprise as a large amount of the city’s attractions are found here. Culinary possibilities are also set up here accordingly: Alongside the famous currywurst, various timely Berlin guesthouses, bars or themed restaurants are found. Unfortunately, a standard lunch break generally doesn’t allow for a traditional Berlin delicacy with a view over the river Spree.

Therefore, solarisBank have opted for a smart alternative and offer their employees access to the Smunch online canteen. Thereby, everyone has the possibility to choose their lunch from a selection of daily specials from the comfort of their own desk. These are offered from a different restaurant in the city every time, so that it doesn’t become dull.

Online canteens are becoming popular

This offer has been available for the employees since October 2018. We have asked the team to give their opinion on this service. “There are seven people in my team” describes Franziska Klose, a People & Engagement Manager. “A minimum of one person orders between two and three times per week.”

And why not? It is worth it after all, for “it is tasty, good value for money, flexible, saves a lot of time and calms your nerves” says Klose, who no longer needs to shuffle her way through huge tourist groups down the street. “We were often hungry, yet had little time - Smunch fits in great here!”

Colleagues spend more time with each other

Though it is not solely all about time and energy that is saved: Alongside a more relaxed team and more efficient working days, the company can be satisfied with a now even more active and cooperative work atmosphere.

What has changed? “We now work more” jokes Klose. “Ha! It has become more sociable that now even more employees eat together.” This is also something out of which everyone benefits. The move to the new benefit has therefore been worthwhile!