Easily order your lunch with Smunch’s office catering

Smunch is the catering solution for your office. We create and shape your special lunch menu together with our Berlin-based restaurant partners. No more food waste like what you’d get at a traditional buffet - the meals are specially optimized for lunch and contain the right amount of food, taste and high quality ingredients. Therefore, you will get a delicious first-class meal for lunch!

Order with a simple click and we will bring your individually selected meal directly to your office. Time-consuming queues and washing up duties during your lunch break are therefore a thing of the past - Smunch is designed with your office lunch in mind!

Excite your employees with delicious office catering

Catering with a high selection

Something is
available for every taste

Create a good impression with individual and diverse meals from international cuisines. Vegetarian / vegan options stand alongside a selection of fish or meat-based dishes as well as a wide variety that caters for allergies.

Office catering with the best restaurants

Great quality that
excites with every meal

We carefully select the best restaurants in Berlin which are proud to prepare our food with high quality ingredients. Smunch stands for quality at great prices - and this stands strong with every box.

Individually shape your catering

Everyone can
make their own selection

No matter whether an event or team lunch - you can now give everyone the possibility to select their own meal. Individualism and single preferences are hereby considered. The selection is easily made per click on the platform - it could not be any easier!

Ready to plan your catering?

If you are currently organizing an event or a team lunch, let us know! We can quickly sort your catering and you will want to use us again and again!

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And Smunch brings even more benefits!

Affordable catering

Prices that fit
into every budget

With traditional catering, the costs are often hard to estimate - that with many leftovers. As everyone can select their individual Smunch food, you can easily plan the costs into your budget - and that with the right portion size!

Catering for employees

Make your
employees delighted

Our special lunch menus are only available with us, as we create our Smunch food together with our partner restaurants. We hereby always consider our client feedback as they know what goes down well the best! 


Enjoy the lunch
break together as a team

Smunch catering is above all one thing: Easy! Thanks to our practical, individual boxes, your food arrives ready to eat.  You therefore don't need to queue for lunch or do any pesky dishes. Instead, you can enjoy your lunch break together with your colleagues over some good food!

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Did you know?

89 % of all those employed who feel healthy, catered for and happy feel far more satisfied with their job - this is something which increases loyalty to their employers in the long run!