How to strengthen your employer branding and win new employees

Your Employer Brand is your company’s trademark - the reputation and the image that you create for it as a place of work. The branding is all about clearly defining and communicating it to all employees and applicants. There are many ways to strengthen your employer branding - for example, by offering various corporate benefits - perks that your staff will appreciate and that you will be recognized for.

Show appreciation

Many team leaders and employers worry that showing appreciation and praising other people’s work might make them lose respect. In fact, the opposite is true: Supervisors that value good work are taken more seriously and experience more loyalty, motivation and initiative from their teams. But where should you start?


Talk to them individually

A good boss is always approachable. Try to make time to regularly (for example, every two weeks) sit down with each member of your team and discuss their questions, projects, ideas and achievements. Address problems, but also value good work.


Talk frankly

Your team is just as interested in knowing how the company is performing as you are. Show them that you appreciate their contribution and be open and honest about numbers, figures and developments. Your team will be pleased about your consideration and trust and pay you back with motivation and loyalty. You’re all in the same boat after all!

Don’t pick a favorite

Team leading works best by including the whole team and treating everyone the same way - then every colleague will feel a part of it. Besides that, everyone should be able to enjoy the same benefits. Smunch is an easy an affordable perk to start with!

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What corporate benefits are there?

If and which corporate benefits you offer will have a huge impact on your employer branding. These are perks that you can offer to your employees and that will make you stand out against other employers.

Free lunch

It’s not always easy to find a healthy, delicious and affordable lunch close to your workplace. Maybe everyday life easier for your team and start a lunch program that makes all of this easily possible. We can help :)


Public transport tickets and gym memberships

Every employee needs to get to work somehow. By sponsoring a part (or even all) of the costs for the monthly public transport ticket you won’t only support them in covering these costs, but you’ll also encourage your team to travel in a more environmentally friendly way.

A fit team is a healthy team - and you will benefit from that! Encourage your team to work out regularly and subsidize a gym membership. Maybe you can even start a team challenge?