The affordable and simple lunch program

Your team can eat great food and save money at the same time. Sounds impossible? With Smunch, both the employer and the staff benefit. We’ll show you how.

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Economic for company

Implementing Smunch is free - and we’re happy to help you get started!


Both sides benefit

Affordable and healthy meals for your staff and reduced wage costs for you

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Using tax benefits

For our premium customers we combine the benefits in kind of € 3.40 flat (25% tax) and the tax-free meal allowance of up to € 3.10

Sounds too good to be true?

If this is a lot to take in and you can't really see how it's supposed to work - don't worry! Drop us a line and we'll come by and explain everything over some lovely food.

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Go premium and offer more

Want to show your team even more TLC? Food subsidies are a popular perk!
  • Food subsidies are not staff discounts
  • Food subsidies do not count as office catering
  • Food subsidies do not count as benefits in kind
  • Food subsidies do not run under company cars or work equipment

This means that you can easily combine them with exisiting benefits! We can show you how.

Pay only for what you use

Apart from low monthly service costs, there are no fixed expenses for the use of Smunch - unlike conventional canteens. Since every employee receives their own account, they can decide for themselves when and what they want to order. This way, you never have to pay for unwanted food - and therefore have no unnecessary costs!

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Benefits in kind - exciting perks for your team

Perks are becoming an increasingly popular means of increasing employee loyalty. Employers will find that there is a long list of options, such as: 
  • Gifts
  • Discount allowances
  • Corporate Events
  • Kindergarten Contributions

Have you considered them already?

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Application of tax benefits

For premium package customers we combine the tax benefits and help with the implementation of Smunch in payroll. It takes only a few clicks a month!


Higher net income for employees

By receiving an (optional) meal allowance, employees save taxes, which sometimes cuts the effective price per meal by half.


Lower wage costs for employers

In case of providing a meal allowance, the company saves social security expenses, which reduces monthly labor costs.

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Some of our clients

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