When it comes to food, we like to focus on what is fun - and really matters.

That’s why Smunch is simple goodness in a box.
Smunch Dish



It’s great when things are convenient. Unless it’s food. 


That’s why all our ingredients are carefully selected. Everything is prepared freshly in our partner restaurants’ kitchens - even if that means having to start from scratch every single time.


For us, the beauty of cooking lies in the direct contact with every ingredient, and in the magic of seeing single foods come together as one delicious composition. You think peeling and chopping sounds tedious? Then leave it to Smunch!

Smunch Dish



Lunch means you're full-swing in your work day, and it’s time to refuel your body and mind. To honor the importance of this meal, our specialist Food Team selects our nutritious dishes specifically for this time of day. 


They create our menus based upon the concept of the Healthy Eating Plate - which combines veggies and protein with whole grains and fruit. That’s how we make Smunch the perfect addition to your balanced diet.


But we also believe there is no such thing as bad foods - there is only bad balance. So we add some cheese on top or put a burger on the menu now and then. Because we know you’ll want a cheat day. 

Can't get enough of good food?

Wonderful - then we're a match made in heaven. Drop us a line and we'll come by (and yes, of course we’ll bring food). Together, we will find a way to make your lunches truly amazing.

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Smunch Dish



Why are most employees so unhappy with traditional canteen solutions? Exactly: They offer you the same choices over and over again (and there’s a limit to the amount of potato dumplings you can eat in a month!). 

Smunch wants to embark on a food journey together with you. We hand-pick fantastic local restaurants and create colorful Smunch menus with them - full of soul and passion. 


With our unique combination of quality, fun and ease of use, we will give you choices beyond the Imbiss next door. Because eating lunch shouldn’t just be a necessity - it should be exciting!

Smunch Dish



A day at work can be tiresome. So your lunch shouldn’t be. 


We want our Smunches to be comforting and satisfying everyday food from different cuisines. Our partner chefs approach cooking with an honest and down-to-earth attitude and together with them we bring you simple food, made awesome.


Smunch keeps reinventing itself for your culinary pleasure - but never once losing sight of what truly matters to us.