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Providing your employees with delicious lunches increases their satisfaction and ultimately their productivity. It is also a benefit that is easily organized, requires little admin effort and causes you minimal extra cost. How? Smunch is eligible for the same tax benefits as meal voucher companies. These are grouped under the term “benefits in kind”, and together, they can save you and your employees a huge amount of social security costs and tax expenses every year. We’ll show you which ones Smunch applies, how they work in your favor - and how to do the math!

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Reference value

In Germany, there is an official reference value for lunch, which is € 3.40 per employee per day in 2020. If the employee pays no more than this sum into his lunch, the value is tax-free for him, giving him a higher net income. The employer pays a lump amount of 25 % tax for this, but no social security.

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Food subsidy

The employer can subsidize a tax-free and social-security-free amount of up to € 3.10. The reference value and the food subsidy result in a combined value of € 6,50 per lunch. For this amount, the employer spends about € 0,80 on on tax, yet saves € 1,30 on social security. This means that every time a subsidized lunch is ordered, the company can save about € 0,50 on labor costs. Meanwhile, your employee can save up to € 2,95* as well, as the € 6,50 of benefits are tax-deductible.

* Sample calculation, based upon an employee with the following basic parameters: tax class 1, gross salary of EUR 3.000,00, health insurance with AOK Berlin West (15.5), male. The exact values must be calculated individually.

Let's break it down for you

Tax this and benefit that - too much financial jargon? Don't worry, just send us a message and we're happy to figure out how exactly you can benefit from a smart lunch program.

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Taking it one step further: other fringe benefits you might want to consider

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Tax exemption limit of € 44
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Gifts for up to € 60
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Discount allowance of € 1.080

Your chance to shine

Any employer can provide certain goods and services in addition to the salary - for example, a company car, a work mobile phone or fuel vouchers. Such benefits in kind are subject to a tax-free allowance of € 44 per employee and month.

Make meetings more productive

Depending on the occasion, some employers like to provide a gift for employees - for example, on their birthdays, for the arrival of a baby or a certain jubilee. Gifts and vouchers are tax-free for an amount of up to € 60 - three times per employee and year.

Express your appreciation

If the company produces goods, the employees may purchase them for a discounted price, which is tax-free up to € 1.080 per employee and year. However, this is only possible if these goods are not manufactured solely for the benefit of the employees.

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