Providing lunch is a great way to motivate your staff


Company Culture

Teams eat together, connect and share a break, resulting in improved company culture and communication.

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Variety of Choices

A new, hand-picked restaurant every day, cooking up different cuisines and accommodating all dietary preferences and restrictions - learn more here.

Employer Branding

Smunch does wonders for your employer branding! Current and future colleagues will love selecting their favorite Smunch and enjoying it together with the team.

The (probably) easiest perk out there

Find out more on how you can strengthen your employer branding, increase your employee rentention and improve staff happiness. Just send us a message and we'll drop by to tell you more.

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Benefits for the company

Research shows that eating together improves culture, communication and collaboration. The relaxed break time and high-quality food help reduce stress while improving health. Companies also lower their number of sick days just by providing healthy food options - something everyone benefits from.

Smunch is an easy lunch program - there is no extra work for you, as we take care of everything: we choose crazy good restaurants and menus, deliver on time and even simplify the payment process. We left just one thing for you to do: dig in!

Looking for team lunches? Get in touch now for your tailor-made solution!

Benefits for the employee

Smunch food offers a great choice of dishes, covering all preferences - from vegan to meat lover! With a different restaurant every day, high-quality food from different cuisines makes every lunch break exciting. Now you have the opportunity to discover the best local and international cuisines in your city - right in the office.

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Benefits for the employer

It's surprisingly simple: our technology automates the whole process for you, so it is seamless and effortless. You can even use Smunch to organize team lunches that are a sure crowd-pleaser, all with just a click. There - one more thing ticked off your to-do-list.

Furthermore, your total Smunch price is simple to calculate, so you can easily plan it into your budget. The program can be customized based on your company’s desires and internal procedures. What is more, Smunch makes your company more attractive both to existing and future team members!

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Some of our restaurants

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